We’re Singlewith, people! Single with kids, single with too much to do, too little time, not enough help. And single with our own lives to consider in there somewhere. Which is the point. We get it.

All of us at Singlewith are single parents ourselves, and when we looked for a place on the web where we could go for inspiration and advice and to connect with other single moms and dads, there just wasn’t one. So we decided to build it.

We’re pushing Singlewith out into the world on February 14th as a Valentine’s present to single parents everywhere.

Moms and dads, because, hello? Dads are parents, too! Not that you’d know it looking at most parenting websites. Hey, if Superbowl ads have started getting with the program, can’t the rest of the culture start to follow?

(Nice job, Nissan, Toyota, and Unilever/Dove Men. Ping us. And special shout-out to Honey Maid for last March’s amazing single dad documentary commercial.)

Singlewith aims to be different, that way. We believe men and women are both equally capable of taking care of their kids’ financial and emotional needs. We know that most of the 12 million single parents in the U.S. are actually working and doing OK. It’s hard raising children alone, but we’re tired of hearing the negatively skewed statistics, the blaming and bashing. How is that helping the kids? How’s it helping anyone? We want to help all single-parent families thrive. And we want to have fun while we’re doing it.

Testing, testing… beta testing

We hope you like Singlewith, and we hope you’ll bear with us as we learn and grow. Just like you do with your kids, right? We’re new to this, and we’re sure there will be some glitches, but we’ll get the hang of it.

Singlewith will start slow, but we’re going to try to give you something new every day, from a wide variety of single-parent voices – men and women from all racial and cultural backgrounds. Parents who are straight or LGBT, who are single due to breakup, divorce, widowhood, and by choice.

Here’s how you can help: Join us! Comment on articles, share them with friends. Let us know what works and what doesn’t. If something’s broken, tell us about it so we can fix it. You are our beta testers.

If you like the site, tell everyone you know. Come ask questions and share ideas in our forums. And consider helping us crowd-fund, after the fact, by Happy Valentine’s Day!


Singlewith is a digital media company and community serving single moms and dads.

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