Educator and writer Alicia Harper is a Single Mom We Love (profile coming soon), and this post of hers, from the website My Brown Baby, is one of the reasons why. In it, Alicia, aka blogger Mommy Delicious, talks eloquently and honestly about wrestling with her fears of becoming a young, Black single mom. Here’s the link:

“A Black Single Mom Lets Go of the Fear and the Statistics,” by Alicia Harper.

Alicia was a churchgoing Ivy League grad who had worked her way out of poverty and homelessness. Then she got pregnant, by accident, and over time realized her boyfriend was definitely not The One. The idea that she now would have to take on the stigma associated with being a Black single mom – Alicia just couldn’t face it at first. But she realized that staying in the toxic relationship with her son’s dad was much worse.

In the end, Alicia decided she was stronger than the stigma, and that she just wouldn’t subscribe to the statistics that predict her son will be a failure as a result of her being single. (Actually, at least one study shows that kids of single mothers do just fine, as long as the mom is educated and able to access community resources for her child.)

This Mother’s Day, Singlewith would like to honor Alicia – and all single moms who fight stigma and defy negative stereotypes – by bringing her inspiring 2011 essay to those of you who missed it. Click the link and enjoy!

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